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Each and every healed and mounted is quickly playable by way of pretty much every single position of the performer. In Conclusion, Fabfilter Total Bundle moreover permits yourself towards calibrating the good as yourself which includes marketing a groundbreaking place of precision. It provides the grits and outputs for the duration of choice of the speaker as perfectly as filter impulse feedback.

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System requirements:

  1. Hard Disk Space: 8 GB
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AutoEnginuity pioneered the art of powerful user-interfaces while never sacrificing the ease-of-use. Our industry-leading graphing can pan, zoom, and display several plots on the same graph with a single click; more advanced graphing features includes tagging plot locations for quick identification and printing the graph.


Let’s face it; you get paid by what you can fix. To fix a car it’s important to have the right tools for the job. Before you buy a tool, first ask yourself if it’s both full-featured and easy to use.

AutoEnginuity’s ScanTool is a powerful diagnostics platform for your Windows®-based computer and was designed to be:


Coverage, coverage, coverage. With AutoEnginuity’s ScanTool, coverage is our most important feature. We offer professional-grade enhanced coverage options for 48 carmakers. It’s not just the breadth of coverage that’s important—it’s also the depth of coverage. With our enhanced expansions you can have access to ABS, airbag, enhanced powertrain, instrument cluster, transmission, and dozens of other body and chassis controllers. The depth of coverage consists of live data, bi-directional controls, adaptive resets and learns, system tests, and trouble code retrieval and clearing.

Other powerful features include:

  • Print DTC and IM/Mode 6 data in a customizable report format. Use those reports to walk customers through necessary repairs and upsell optional repairs.
  • Translated and scaled Mode 6 data. View data in a useable form instead of raw data.
  • Data logging in two different formats: 1) XML for browsers; and 2) CSV for spread sheets. Whether you logged in XML or CSV, you have the ability to playback and view your logs offline.
  • Configurable Sensor data. Each individual sensor’s sampling rate, ranges, alertable audio trigger points, units, and scaling value can be set to your specific needs.

With AutoEnginuity’s ScanTool you can have both a full-featured scan tool and professional-grade coverage.


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Today, everybody understands the power of personal computers and their versatile interface. Why not leverage the technology already at your fingertips for your scan tool? The familiar Windows® interface provides access to systems and sensors more intuitively and more quickly than traditional handhelds. Want to add all of the sensors for a system? Simply navigate to the live data screen and click the column header for sensors. It’s that easy. Complex tools do not require complex user-interfaces.

Our user-interface was designed around the theory of Power through Simplicity™. For every step that you have to repeat we tried to streamline and automate it. For example, ScanTool can help you with:

  • Automated VIN decoding
  • Reading and Clearing Trouble Codes from the entire vehicle in a single step
  • Printing live data or DTC / Emissions reports with a single step
  • Quick installation with true USB Plug and Play (no device drivers necessary)

Lastly, ease-of-use also extends to the software being customizable. You can arrange the user-interface to suit you and even your computing device. Even if you purchase a new high-resolution laptop, you can set the software to use the higher-resolution user-interface. Efficiency with your tool translates into more vehicles you can repair.

With AutoEnginuity’s ScanTool, you can focus on what’s important—servicing the vehicle.

Modular and Updatable

With our Coverage On DemandTM feature, you can buy the coverage in bundles or à la carte. It’s totally up you, and your needs. For example, if your customer brings a Jaguar in and you have the AutoEnginuity Asian bundle, simply call AutoEnginuity sales and we can add Jaguar within that hour. You can then bill your customer for the diagnostic time and proceed with the repair. Now you can save money instead of farming the work out; and, in some cases, save time not shipping the vehicle out.

The automotive industry is fast moving and ever changing. With AutoEnginuity’s ScanTool you can stay on top of the latest coverage you need. Our ScanTool is updated frequently through the Internet. The base ScanTool software updates are free.

The Advantages are Compelling

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It’s important to have the right tools for the job. Don’t waste your time with tools that lack the coverage you need. With AutoEnginuity’s ScanTool you will have a powerful full-featured diagnostic tool that can grow with you and your needs. Buy the one tool that will help you diagnose all of your ‘96 and later vehicle’s needs. Invest in your future, buy AutoEnginuity’s ScanTool today.

What AutoEnginuity’s ScanTool can do:

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  • Clear the Check Engine or Service Engine Soon indicator
  • View live vehicle sensors in a meter , graph, and grid format
  • View oxygen sensor live data and test results
  • View all 11 Inspection/Maintenance systems and Mode 6 data.
  • Unlimited logging of live vehicle sensors in XML or CSV (1ms logging accuracy).
  • Playback your datalogs for offline analysis.
  • Run and query specific component and system tests. Support for generic and enhanced bi-directional tests.
  • Configure your sensors’ ranges, scaling value, audible alert triggers, units, and sampling rate.
  • Read the ECM ID, calibration, and calibration verification IDs from all reporting ECMs.
  • View generic and manufacturer enhanced data on the same tool
  • Configure the interface to suit your preferences
  • Supports: 1996 and newer passenger vehicles whether it be domestic, Asian, or European.
    SAE interfaces: J1850 (PWM and VPM), ISO-9141-2, ISO-14230 [KWP2000], and CAN [11Bit and 29Bit]