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  1. Description “Tricky Towers thrives with local multiplayer” 8/10 – The Guardian “A blend of physics-based tetris and magic in a sweet little package makes this a must have for gamers of all ages and sizes.”.
  2. ویژگی های بازی Tricky Towers: برج جادوگر خود را در بازی سیستم عامل Mac مجسم کنید: با هوشمندانه بلوک‌های احضار شده خود را جمع کنید و بیش از 17 طلسم مختلف را برای پیروزی در مسابقه که بالاترین برج را دارد.


Browse Tricky Towers article direct from modders. It’s time to get spooky - Free Halloween bricks! Oct 25 2017 News. New Halloween bricks have been added for free to Tricky Towers so you can already get in the mood before October 31st - bats, pumpkins, and spiders all. Tricky Tower is a simple game, but the luck factor for success in a majority of the game modes can cause much more frustrating than something where the player’s skill has a larger affect on the outcome.' 7.0 / 10.0 - DualShockers 'Tricky Towers is recommended if you know you're going to be playing it with people all the time.

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Tricky Towers takes the familiar mechanic of placing tetromino bricks and provides a twist with the addition of real world physics and a competitive multiplayer focus. The goal is to build a tower higher, faster and better than your opponents. This is made more difficult by gravity's constant pull, the seemingly gentle breeze and the devilish dark magic attacks from the other players. There are some light magic spells provided to help you out – but casting a light spell will cancel out your chance to cast a dark spell for a while so you need to choose carefully between supporting your own tower or messing with the towers of your opponents. There are three different multiplayer modes. Race is all about beating the other players to a soaring finish line; Survival involves placing a certain number of bricks before everyone else without dropping too many and losing your health; and Puzzle slows down the pace a little by challenging players to place as many bricks as possible below a cutoff point. The shortness of the matches and the pick-up-and-play nature of Tricky Towers make it perfect for parties. Next to local and online multiplayer Tricky Towers contains 50 single player trials where players can hone their skills and crack some tough puzzles, and an endless leaderboard mode to see how long players can survive against the elements.


99 Bricks Wizard Academy

99 Bricks: Wizard Academy is the mobile sequel to the 2008 Flash hit 99 Bricks. Development for the Mobile version started in 2012 and we took our time to make sure it is a good fit for the modern audiences and mobile platforms with a release in 2014.

99 Bricks ClassicTricky towers for mac pro

99 Bricks Classic was released in 2008 on Kongregate and has been played more than 15 million times in every country in the world via hundreds of Flash game portals. The goal of the game was simple, build the highest tower possible using 99 Bricks.


In 2009 a spin off was released on Armor Games, 99 Bricks: Legend of Garry in which the player had to solve various puzzles and challenges. In 2010 an adaptation of the game called Technoid Trouble was developed for the online Flash MMO Club Galactik.


  • Frantic physics action puzzle gameplay
  • Local and online multiplayer with 2-4 players
  • 3 different multiplayer modes; race, survival and puzzle
  • Challenging single player trials
  • Leaderboard mode; compare how you stack up
  • 17 Powerful light and dark magic spells
  • Full controller support
  • Awesome music composed by Jonathan vd Wijngaarden


Tricky Towers Switch Launch trailerYouTube

Tricky Towers Switch Announcement trailerYouTube

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Tricky Towers For Mac Pro

Tricky Towers launch trailerYouTube

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Awards & Recognition

  • 'Nomination BIG Festival Best Gameplay award: Tricky Towers' BIG Festival 2016
  • 'Nomination Game Connection Europe in 4 categories: Tricky Towers' Game Connection Europe 2015

Selected Articles

  • 'Tricky Towers thrives with local multiplayer 8/10'
    - Toby Moses, Matt Kamen, The Guardian
  • 'Each game mode is genuinely enjoyable, and having modes that require different speeds of play and forms of strategy is an excellent way to keep players coming back for more'
    - Brandon Langrock, GameSpew
  • ' Tricky Towers is the Dark Souls of Tetris games'
    - Eric G, PSNSTORES
  • '... its colourful charms and surprisingly tense matches will likely lead to Mario Kart levels of friendship-destruction.'
    - Matt Kamen,
  • 'Hands-on Preview: Tricky Towers is an addictive party game'
    - Nathan Lawrence,
  • 'Sony Digital Showcase Round Up: Alienation, Edith Finch, Kick Off and Tricky Towers'
    - Kris Lipscombe,
    - Mattia Ravanelli,
  • 'Tricky Towers : quand la convivialité vire à la haine...'
    - ,
  • 'Frantic action puzzler Tricky Towers crashes onto PS4 soon'
    - Niels Monshouwer, PlayStation Blog EU
  • 'Introducing Tricky Towers on PS4/'
    - Niels Monshouwer, PlayStation Blog US
  • 'Tricky Towers Melds Tetris and Jenga Brilliantly'
    - Jaz Rignall, US Gamer
  • 'I have to admit, you really won’t get why Tricky Towers is so insanely fun (especially four player) until you play it and start screaming'
    - Shahid Kamal Ahad, @shahidkamal
  • 'Tricky Towers is a rare gem. It's one of those games you'll instantly 'get'.'
    - Matthijs Dierckx,

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About WeirdBeard

Hi, we're WeirdBeard Games – an independent game studio based in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Our games are a healthy mix of good, clean fun and our own quirky sense of humor. We like to make games that can be played by everyone, but still provide a bit of a challenge for those gamers who are more experienced. We are the developers of games such as Tricky Towers and 99 Bricks: Wizard Academy.

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Tricky Towers Credits

Niels Monshouwer
Managing Director

Joram Rafalowicz
Creative Director

Samar Louwe
Game Director, Artist

Joran de Raaff

Tricky Towers Pc

Jonathan van Woudenberg

Rebecca Fernandez

Jonathan van den Wijngaarden


[email protected]




presskit() by Rami Ismail (Vlambeer) - also thanks to these fine folks

Description of Tricky Towers 15.10.2019
Mac Platform: Intel
Includes: Pre-K’ed
OS version: OSX 10.8
Processor type(s) & speed: Dual Core
RAM minimum: 2 GB
Video RAM:
1) Unpack
2) Play!
Including DLC: All to date
Languages: English, French, Italian, German, Spanish, Japanese, Russian, Portuguese, Dutch, Chinese, Arabic, Finnish, Korean, Norwegian, Polish, Swedish, Turkish, Romanian
Version: Steam v15.10.2019

Including DLC




Tricky Tower Free


Grab your wizard’s robe and spell book, time to use your engineering skills and build some Tricky Towers!
Stack your bricks and use your spells to create the tallest stable tower, for what self-respecting wizard wouldn’t want to show off their skills by towering literally over their peers! But be wary of jealous rivals, who will try and push your tower down with nefarious dark spells to ensure their dominance. Block these spells to protect your tower,… oh and be sure to return the favor with your own devious magics. Match your tower wizardry against 3 others in local multiplayer, or challenge wizards around the world in an online battle of magics and engineering mayhem. Try your skills in various tricky wizard trails and set a high score on the leaderboards. So be sure to bring your wizard’s safety hat and start stacking and tumbling!
Conjure up your wizard’s tower: cleverly stack your summoned blocks and use over 17 different spells to win the race who has the highest tower
Tumble down your rivals: use dark spells to hamper or even push over your competitors towers, but beware; they can use these spells on you as well!
Match your wizardry online: challenge up to 3 players locally or online in one of the 3 game modes available; survival, race and puzzle.
Take up tricky wizard trials: these challenges require a sharp mind and shrewd magical engineering!
Become the archwizard: climb up the leaderboard and see how you rank among your peers
Win the Wizardry cup: Participate in local and online tournaments and become the next Wizard Champion!
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